What Is SEO Zen? An Insider Review

If you are anywhere close to the affiliate marketing niche you have probably heard of Alex Becker and Alex Cass’ new software called SEO Zen. It is taking the internet by storm with claims of affiliate sites created in 60 seconds that automatically fill with monetized content and loved by search engines. I got my hands on a beta copy before it was released and want to dispel some of the rumors, and provide an insider SEO Zen review so you can get the real skinny.

SEO ZenWhat Does SEO Zen Do?

SEO Zen is labeled software, but comes in the form of a WordPress plugin. You can install it on pre-existing or brand new websites through the normal plugin install process.

The plugin is designed to SEO your site by creating Silos using your keywords, pull relevant content with video, monetize it, and then help you find relevant high PR backlinks to get your website quickly ranked and making you money fast.

For simplicity I will break out each of these features and address them separately.

You can also skip to the product demo video to watch Becker set up a website using SEO Zen in 60 seconds.

What Is A Silo?

Siloing isn’t something new, but it is definitely fantastic for constructing search engine-friendly websites. It is essentially where you build your website using keyword groups that strategically link to each other.

Here is an awesome diagram of what a basic Silo looks like…

diagram of an SEO Silo

Basically the way it works is the top of the Silo is a keyword you want to rank for. It then links to a sub page built on an LSI version of the keyword. Then that page links to another sub page built on an LSI version of your keyword. This bottom Silo page then links back to the top of the Silo.

A Silo adds more structure to your website allowing the search engines to easily and quickly categorize the site. A properly Silo’d website in low competition niches can sometimes rank very high with little to no backlinks.

Also, any backlinks you send to the top of the Silo send link juice completely through each page of the Silo allowing you to get more bang for you buck with your backlinks. This can help multiple pages of the Silo rank with fewer backlinks.

SEO Zen will build your Silos automatically for you, which is how it helps you quickly rank for your keywords.

How Does SEO Zen Add 100% Unique & Monetized Content?

By entering in your keyword into the SEO Zen control panel, the software will scrape relevant content and automatically add it to your website. The content is 100% unique (verified through CopyScape), and you have the option to spin it using the built in SEO Zen spinner.

To harness the power of video, it will also scrape, pull, and embed a relevant YouTube video into the page.

You also enter your affiliate link for whatever offer it is you want to promote, choose the anchor text you want to use for your affiliate link, and SEO Zen will automatically convert each occurrence of the anchor text in the content into a clickable link to your affiliate offer.

High PR Backlinks Using SEO Zen

The backlinking strategy of SEO Zen revolves around finding high PR blogs relevant to your keywords that you can leave a comment on with a link pointing back to your affiliate site.

This is riding the waves of the great results high PR blog commenting is still providing for rankings today, even after the recent Penguin 2.0 update.

My Opinion On SEO Zen

Do I recommend SEO Zen? The answer is Yes and No. Just hear me out:)

In my opinion SEO Zen is more of a short term solution for rankings and sales. I think if you are interested in quickly ranking a website to make money fast, then SEO Zen is probably more for you.

If you are looking to build a long-term, sustainable brand in which you can build a real affiliate business with, then I do not recommend it.

After playing around with SEO Zen, I have actually come up with a strategy I will use to implement it into my affiliate marketing business.

My SEO Zen Affiliate Marketing Strategy

I plan on using SEO Zen in 2 ways.

Launch Jacking

I think SEO Zen is perfect for launch jacking. It has everything you need to quickly build and rank a website built in, which saves time and money. However, I will need to modify my strategy based on the plugins limitations.

Since the scraped content is often not of the highest quality (i.e., readable), I will personally write my key posts or outsource via iWriter to ensure my most important posts/pages are readable, useful, and are written to convert.

Again, since SEO Zen is more of a short term strategy it fits perfectly into the timetable typically needed for product launch jacking.

Feeder Blogs

Another way I plan to incorporate SEO Zen is using it to build feeder blogs that link to my affiliate money sites.

A feeder blog is a site that is built solely to provide relevant links to your money site, or other Tier 1 properties. Feeder blogs can be high PR, or simply relevant.

Since you can easily build relevant, themed websites complete with videos, you can easily create multiple Tier 2 websites that can boost rankings of your money sites without fear of your main site getting penalized.

Readability of the content on Tier 2 sites is less important than on Tier 1 sites, so you don’t have to worry about writing or outsourcing content.

What Does All This Mean To You?

You simply need to decide if SEO Zen fits into your affiliate business. Evaluate what your short-term and long-term strategies are, and see if it makes sense.

Because it just released, SEO Zen is available right now at a substantial discount. But I recommend you don’t base it simply on the discounted price.

Check out this SEO Zen software review demo and see if it is right for you.

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