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successful instant online profits affiliateMany people talk about affiliate products you should buy for one reason or another, but not too many people talk about what they are actually promoting and having success with. Sort of not fair right? That is like a car salesman trying to sell you a car, but not telling you what he personally prefers to drive!

Today I want to share with you a new Amazon affiliate marketing course that recently released that I have been having great success with. I believe it has been such a success for me because it is actually a legit affiliate training course that works.

Instant Online Profits

Instant Online Profits is a complete Amazon affiliate marketing course that comes complete with website creation software that allows you to quickly piece together converting Amazon affiliate marketing websites.

It was created by Alex Shelton, who has built his multi-million dollar wealth primarily from promoting affiliate products through Amazon. He has put all of his experience and know-how into the Instant Online Profits course, and the Instant Online Profits system software is the same he still uses today to build and market his own affiliate marketing websites.

The software included with the course is basically a plugin that you install and will do all of the website customization, content building, link integration, and SEO for you through a simple step-by-step wizard. This allows you to be up and running in about 30 minutes. All you need is a domain name.

The course is bought as a monthly subscription for access to the training videos (which get updated), and access to the software. There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, and customers may cancel their monthly subscription at any time.

Instant Online Profits Affiliate Details

I am regularly looking for products to promote that first and foremost work as advertised and actually provide a value to its customers. After watching the product demo and looking through the course, I knew Instant Online Profits was a great program.

I then look at the affiliate details as far as affiliate commissions and affiliate support. Instant Online Profits pays CPA style, meaning you get paid for each acquisition. They define an acquisition as anyone who either purchases Instant Online Profits, or signs up for the $1 trial offer.

The rate they pay is $50 per acquisition. So anytime someone simply signs up for the $1 trial you get paid $50. When someone pays for the course (the first month payment of $47), you get $50. This is very powerful for both the affiliates and Alex.

The reason why Alex Shelton is willing to pay you $50 for each acquisition is because of the faith he has in his product. The numbers are showing the average purchaser of Instant Online Profits will remain with the program for an average of 8 months.

This is a fantastic retention rate for an affiliate marketing course. So Alex is expecting he will make his money on the backend and has no problem paying affiliates for every lead they give him.

There are email swipes, banners, and a few videos in the Instant Online Profits affiliate center that are provided to help you with your promotions. There is also a support staff to assist you with any questions you may have.

How I’m Promoting Instant Online Profits Successfully

I am simply using a niche site approach like I teach in my free affiliate marketing course 7 Steps to Affiliate Success and it is working fine.

First I created a website that talks about Instant Online Profits and includes a simple review of Instant Online Profits that mentions a few of the bonuses folks get when they purchase the program.

I built the website on the Socrates theme, and have added content to it about once a week. I mention how I configure Socrates, my plugins, and content in the 7 Steps to Affiliate Success training.

I have yet to do any backlinking, and after 3 weeks I rank on the first page for all of my target keywords, and have no doubt I will be in the Top 3 for all of my target keywords soon.

When it is time, I will be using Unique Article Wizard and Submit Your Article for all of my backlinking. I will write a 500 – 600 word article and then use Spin Rewriter to create a highly spun article for my UAW and SYA submissions.

I have also created and am ranking a video and Slideshare presentation using the methods I discuss in my post Video Search Engine Optimization.

Start Promoting Instant Online Profits

If you are interested in checking out the Instant Online Profits affiliate program you can click through here to learn more and sign up if it’s something you’d like to promote.

The great thing is you can simply promote the $1 trial offer and make $50 for each sign up you get. That is an amazing deal for affiliates!

Also, if you have always wanted to learn how to make money with Amazon then definitely check out Instant Online Profits for yourself, as Alex provides some of the best training I have seen on the topic. It is easy to follow, simple to understand, and actually provides all the tools you need to be successful.

I hope you enjoyed this affiliate marketing training and insight, and hope you decide to take action one way or the other!

If you decide to promote the program for yourself, be sure to come back and comment on how it is working for you!

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