Video Search Engine Optimization

Video Search Engine OptimizationIf you want to increase your visibility on the web,  you definitely need to include videos in your internet marketing campaigns.

Not only do people love watching videos, they provide another avenue for a visitor to find your website, and can provide powerful backlinks.

And with video search engine optimization, you will find videos can be easier to rank which leads to more traffic and exposure for you and your brand.

Video SEO

Video SEO isn’t much different from website SEO when you break it down. In fact, I think optimizing a video and getting it ranked is much easier than ranking a website. This was a fantastic revelation for me when I was heavy into participating in product launches. Getting the upper-hand in the search engines is a major factor in having a successful launch jacking, where every place in the rankings can mean hundreds of dollars in sales.

Through trial and error I was able to narrow down to a few key SEO factors for ranking videos high on the first page of search engines. There are many different strategies and techniques, but if you at least follow the below tips you will find your videos ranking high for your keywords.

Video Length

Video optimization starts with the length of your video. When creating a video for your affiliate campaigns, the shorter the better. Try and keep your video length under 2 1/2 minutes. Shorter videos are completely watched more often than longer videos, simply because people don’t have that long of an attention span. Also, sometimes the length of the video is a determining factor on whether someone will click on it or not.

You also want the video engaging and short enough to get the audience to watch as much of it as possible. The amount of time a video plays is a deciding factor for ranking in the search engines. Videos that are watched for longer periods of time are given more SEO ‘weight’ as the search engines are all about providing a great user experience.

Video Filename

When you save your video, save it as the name of your main keyword. For example, if my main keyword is ‘banana peels’ I would name my video bananapeels.mp4 (or whatever extension you’re using).

Video Service

During every one of my affiliate campaigns I used a variety of video services to place my video on. At one point I had a subscription to Traffic Geyser to submit my videos to the major video submission sites and have them automatically bookmarked.

What I found time after time, is all my page 1 ranked videos were either from Dailymotion or YouTube. Typically, it was the Dailymotion videos that were the higher ranked of the two.

Video Title

Your video title should contain your main keyword when promoting an affiliate product or website. It should also be engaging enough for someone to click on it to watch.

For example, if my main keyword is still ‘banana peels’ I might name the title of my video ‘The Crazy Truth About Banana Peels’. This is much better and more inspiring than just ‘Banana Peels’.

Just like naming your blog posts and pages, keep your video title short enough to be optimized and read in the search results. I try and stay less than 60 characters.

Video Description

Your video description should be related to your video, and optimized like you would a blog post or page. Don’t attempt to keyword stuff the description, just write naturally and you will be fine.

Typically, only the first few lines of your description (~ 200 characters or less) is seen by the visitor without having to click ‘Read More’. Most of the time, the visitor never expands the description, so make your first few lines engaging like you did your title.

Also, make sure you include a link to your website as the first text in your description before anything else. You don’t want your link buried in the description text, plus you want it easily accessible to the visitor. Include http:// in your website link so the link becomes a hyperlink that can be clicked right from the description.

Video Tags

Think of these as your keywords. Include your main keyword first, then a couple LSI versions, then a general keyword or two. I try and use no more than 5 tags. Also, some video submission sites limit the amount of characters you can have in the video tags.

Video Categories

There is a little debate as to what video categories are the best for SEO, if in fact one category does have a heavier ‘SEO weight’ over another. Some folks say ‘News’ is the best, while others say ‘How-to’ is the best.

Here is an easier way in my opinion. Search for your main keyword in Google. Go to the ‘Videos’ tab at the top. Look at the top 3 videos that are ranking and find the most common category and use that one. Easy enough.

Misc SEO Techniques

Once you have done the above optimization techniques, your video will already do well in the rankings. But there are a few other things you can do to propel your video even further, or simply secure your spot on the first page.

1. Off-Video SEO: No different than with websites, building backlinks you your videos will strengthen them in the rankings. I usually run one campaign each with Unique Article Wizard and Submit Your Article.

2. Transcripts: You can upload a transcript to every one of your YouTube videos. Transcripts are used for visitors that may have difficulty hearing the audio of your video. YouTube will automatically generate a transcript for each of your videos, but these can be riddled with spelling errors or mistaken interpretations. You can create your own video transcript and upload it as a text file. Write out a transcript of your video, and upload it as a text file. Name the file the same as your main keyword.

3. Annotations: You can add annotations to your videos as well, which has been said to help SEO a little. I can’t verify it, but you might as well be safe than sorry! I always had my annotation display for no more than 10 seconds and it simply included my keyword and phrase related to the video.

Out of all of these extra SEO techniques, I would just focus on the off-video SEO out of the 3 if I’m just getting started.

In Conclusion…

Videos should be part of every one of your internet marketing campaigns if you want to gain the upper edge on your competition, and increase your presence in the search engines.

Follow the steps above and you will find you can have your videos occupying prime real estate on page 1 giving you and your brand more visibility, more traffic, and more sales. Cheers!

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