The Updated Product Launch Jacking Strategy

product launch jacking tipsProduct launch jacking is still the king when it comes to making quick money as an affiliate.

Some of the biggest names in internet marketing still use this strategy over and over again to rake in cash.

With one successful launch jack you can easily make 4 or 5 figures.

Do this only 2 times a month and you have yourself an easy full time income online!

Every since I provided my Launch Jacking Checklist it has easily been my most popular content. And I have gotten a lot of great success stories from readers. This is awesome.

Because of that I wanted to provide an update to the checklist with some additional tips and tricks that can make your next product launch jack a success.

What Products To Promote

The overall strategy hasn’t really changed. I like to look for products that will generate decent commissions and are at least 30 days away from their release.

I prefer to promote products that fall into 2 categories. The first are products from popular internet marketers. These products typically have a lot of buzz around them and they are typically big sellers.

The second category are products that generate commissions of $50 or more. This is just a personal preference, but I feel these products make it more worth my while.

But you should honestly promote only the products you can get behind. It makes it much more enjoyable if you are making money while helping out others.

Websites or Videos – What Is Better For Launch Jacking?

There really isn’t no wrong answer here. Some people prefer building and ranking a website, while others like to simply create a video to promote the offer. Both are successfully used in big ticket launches.

I personally like creating a website for the product and use videos as a means to drive traffic to my website. I find this works better for me as I often have both the website and the video in the Top 10 rankings. This gives me more presence and more chances to make the sale.

I am still liking the Socrates theme for building my launch jack websites as it has a lot of affiliate customization built into it already.

I will build out my site with about 5 posts, all optimized for the product keywords and include links to the product sales page and my main review post.

I usually create my review video about 2 to 5 days out from the official release day, and will embed it in my review post.

Backlinking Strategy

Due to the time sensitive nature of product launches, you don’t have a lot of time to be gentle with your ranking strategy.

You need to get ranked quickly for your big keywords (product name, product review, etc) and maintain the rankings through the entire launch.

Here are the backlinks I prefer to use in the order I use them:

1. Social Bookmarks (I like SocialAdr)
2. Wiki Links (I like Magic Submitter)
3. Video (Link back from your YouTube video + Magic Submitter also does video backlinks)
4. Press Releases (PRLog.Org is a good free site + Magic Submitter does press release backlinks)
5. Article Submissions (Magic Submitter does this too)

You will want to get your site up and running with a couple posts about the product and then start your backlinking campaign.

Don’t be afraid to really hit your site with backlinks. Remember, you only need the site (or video) to rank through the product launch!

You can also be aggressive with your anchor text diversity. Here is a suggested breakdown:

product name 25%
product name review 25%
product name bonus 25%
buy product name 15%
URL / Domain 10%

Exception: The only time you want to use normal anchor text keyword diversity is when you are going to promote an evergreen product and you want the site to be long term.

It Works – Just Do It

Launch jacking just plain works. It is hands down the best way to make your first and consistent affiliate commissions today.

You simply have to get started. Put down the excuses and go do it.

If you want a simple process to follow then try this course out. It is cheap and it works. It is purely based on launch jacking using videos. This is the cheapest method.

If you want to get a more detailed look at affiliate marketing, including where I learned how make money off product launches and build awesome SEO’d high converting websites, then take a look at this training.

If you would like to sit back and relax while I do your Launch Jack for you…check out my Done-For-You services.

Either way, just get started and you won’t regret not taking action today!

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