The App Code 2.0: Free Mobile App Creation Webinar

App Code 2.0Here at Expert Affiliate Training we talk a lot about internet marketing, but there are definitely a lot more ways to make money these days!

One of those ways is getting in to the lucrative world of Mobile Apps!

Folks who create mobile apps usually fall into 3 types of people:

  1. Building one for a business or organization they own
  2. Building an app for a client (this is a rapidly growing segment)
  3. Mobile App Entrepreneurs

No matter which category you fall into, there is usually some sort of profit strategy or monetization behind it. And it is no wonder more people are flocking to mobile app creation.

The internet is completely crowded. Right now there are well over 170 million blogs and counting. There are over 42 million Facebook pages, 140 million Twitter accounts, and over 1.9 BILLION emails sent out each day!

On the contrary, over 80% of the world’s population has some sort of mobile device. 1.8 billion of these are smartphones, which are being activated at a pace of 1.5 million a day. Even more startling, there are 50 million people worldwide right now that own a mobile device that don’t even have electricity! This is INSANE!

Yet there are only 600,000 apps in the Apple app store versus 800 million iPhones. There is most certainly a Mobile Revolution!

There is a new course that has just released called The App Code 2.0 that provides start to finish instruction on how to build, brand, monetize, market, and publish mobile apps for Android and Apple.

It is the most thorough mobile app creation course I have seen. They have a Free Webinar you can view at any time by clicking through here.

I encourage you to think beyond the internet for this one moment and check it out!

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