The Affiliate Marketer Roadmap: The Definitive Guide

affiliate marketers roadmapWhen I got into affiliate marketing I knew I wanted to be successful. I went in with the right attitude and right mindset.

However, my path was not without ‘potholes’ and ‘roadblocks’ to getting to where I wanted to be with my affiliate marketing business.

This is why I started Expert Affiliate Training, to help others avoid the same mistakes I did. Unfortunately, I still see so many making those same mistakes.

This causes unnecessary confusion and frustration, and many folks give up their dreams when all that was needed was a little more patience and persistence.

There are also a select few that can’t stop jumping around from program to program, shiny object to shiny object, and then they blame their failure on the programs, the tools they bought, and even the creators of said programs and tools.

Maybe you’re one of them? Maybe you are looking for that ‘Magic’ product or program that is going to turn you into an overnight success?

I can tell you there aren’t too many scams out there theses days…just a few shitty products combined with a lack of a plan. You can’t haphazardly expect 1 product to be the end all be all.

Stop treating affiliate marketing like the lottery…It’s a business!

So it is time. It is time I lay it all out (well as much as I can in a single blog post:p)…the Definitive Affiliate Marketer’s Roadmap.

So What Are You Doing This For?

You got to know the answer to this question if you want to be a successful internet marketer.

Is it to create a passive income online? Is it to be able to work for yourself? Spend more time with family by creating a sustainable internet business?

Whatever it is…know it and remember it everyday. It will carry you through the tough times. The times when you doubt yourself, or when friends and family doubt you. Know in your heart what you want to achieve and work for it everyday.

For me it was to create a lifestyle I wanted to live on my own terms. And that is what drives me everyday.

affiliate marketers grind my gearsAffiliate Training: Go Back To School

This is one of the things that just grinds my gears…new affiliate marketers that think they can be successful without any solid training!

Why would you jump into any business venture (yes I said business) without going through any sort of training?

Affiliate marketing is a real business, and if you want to succeed you will need to invest in some good training so you start off with a formula or strategy that has been proven to work.

You can find free training that can get you started on the right foot (like my Free Affiliate Kickstart Training), but eventually you will need to invest in a solid paid course to get the details.

I have always recommended Bring The Fresh because it is the first paid course I invested in and it worked for me. I encourage you to at least check out my review on Bring The Fresh.

No matter what course or training you go with, just do a little research on it first. Expect to spend at least $50 – $100 on a training program.

You have to think of it as an investment. Put it in perspective.

Would you be willing to spend $100 on an education that will help you generate thousands??

Of course you would, because you want to be successful. And you’re going to follow the instructions of the course through each and every step. You won’t quit before you’ve followed all the steps you were shown. Right?

And before I go any further, if you are one of the people that ‘jump online’ to earn some quick cash because you are broke…just stop now. Get a damn job and support yourself so you can build a successful online business.

If you want to create a business that will generate the money to support the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed…you will put in the work to get there.

Your Content Delivery Vehicle

Now that you’ve gone through training, you are ready to take on the world! You’re armed with knowledge, and now have a formula for success.

Through your training you’ve realized that you will need a vehicle to deliver content to your target market.

This may be a website, blog, video channel, social profile, or whatever.

The most common (not necessarily the best…you can succeed with any) is to build an affiliate website based around a theme or product. Your training program showed you exactly how to do this…or at least should have!

I see people run into a few common hangups during this phase that often cause them to freeze in their tracks and lose all the momentum and motivation they gained going through their training.

Stop Wasting TimePeople get caught up in the logistics of everything. Domains, hosting, website themes, plugins, and anything else that involves installing or setting up.

Just pick something and go. Stop wasting time with this. Let’s take hosting for example.

Just stick with a big name and be done.

They are all pretty similar priced and similar in the way they work. No need to line 100 of them up and review each feature. 2 big ones that come to mind and will work just fine are Host Gator and Bluehost. I use Bluehost. Just a preference.

Bottomline, don’t get lost in the details. Just get started. Progress…not perfection.

Content: Writer’s Block & Copywriting

Once your content delivery method is set up…you need content.

Here is another spot people get lost.

2 things are going to happen. You either have to create the content yourself, or have someone else create the content.

Pretty simple to figure out. Ask yourself these questions.

You like to write content? You have time to write content? Would it break your budget to have someone else write your content?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of those 3 questions, go to iWriter and start getting content. It is cheap and fast. Here is my review of iWriter.

Whether you create your own content or have it written for you, just follow the guidance you received in your affiliate training course on optimizing content for your audience and for the search engines.

If you are doing video marketing, the same applies to you. You can easily go to a site like Fiverr and have videos created for you. Or create your own.

Use free screen capture programs like Screenr or Screencast-O-Matic to create decent videos cheaply.

capture the lead with email marketingCapture The Lead

No matter which types of marketing you are doing, if you are not including list building as a part of your strategy then you are crazy!

Build yourself a list and you will have your own ‘affiliate eco-system’.

You basically have a built in source of traffic and sales.

Again, pick an autoresponder service and go. Big ones that come to mind are iContact, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Aweber. I use Aweber.

No matter which service you choose, they will have tutorials to walk you through the setup. It is very simple.

Traffic & SEO

Oh boy. The golden goose of internet marketing. Everyone is always looking for the magic solution to getting traffic and high rankings.

seo and trafficLet’s keep this simple.

Start with your content. Is it original? Is it engaging? Is it information people want to read or watch? Make it so.

On-Page SEO. Is your headings, titles, categories, and tags optimized for the keywords you’re targeting? Make it so.

There…the hard part is over. Get the 2 things above correct and the rest will follow.

As far as Off-Page (or Off-Video) is concerned, there are many ways to get traffic. Again, the solid training you went through will have shown you various methods and how to put them in place. Just follow the training.

This category is also where I see most people fall into the ‘shiny object’ trap. They end up with about $1,000 worth of plugins, software, and training that was supposed to magically rank them and send hordes of traffic in days.

Well let me break it to you now…such tools don’t exist. There is nothing that will work in mere days. You need patience and persistence as I mentioned before. Follow a strategy and see it out.

I just recently updated my traffic strategy in my Free Affiliate Kickstart Training video series if you are looking for a proven method of getting traffic and rankings.

You can also check out my affiliate Resources page to see various tools I use for SEO and traffic building.

I love it when a plan comes togetherPutting It All Together

Well there is the wheel…don’t go and reinvent it!

Obviously there are many more little details that go into building a successful affiliate marketing business, but that is why it is important to invest in training right from the start.

And pick one training course and stick with it. Once you start your training, force yourself to ignore every other course, software, or tool until you’ve completed your training and explored their suggestions.

You also HAVE to treat this like a real business. Do this and you will gain more clarity, passion, and focus.

Don’t waste time on the tiny details…they can work themselves out. You want progress…not perfection.

Having a strategy and roadmap to follow goes a long way to helping you get to where you’re going. I hope this helps you even just a little bit.

I encourage you to check out my Free training to get you started on your journey to success. In it I mention several tools and services I personally use. You can also check out my resources page for other recommendations.

And if all of this seems a little overwhelming and you would like help getting started on your path to success, you can take a look at my Done-For-You services and have me get you moving in the right direction.

No matter what…just do SOMETHING!

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