Make Money Online As An Affiliate Without Doing Any Work?

making money online as an affiliateWait a minute? Am I saying you can make money online with your own internet business without doing any work?

I know what you’re thinking…

‘Brad…you’re f’ing crazy! This is opposite of everything we’ve learned about making money as an affiliate so far.’

I think I should explain…

Affiliate Marketing Is Easy When You Know What To Do

In the 2 years this blog has been up and running, I’ve personally helped hundreds of new affiliate marketers launch their first online business and start earning a full time income online.

But for every success story their is another 5 that just can’t seem to get their business off the ground.

I’ve communicated with so many people that I was able to narrow down the #1 reason people can’t make money online…

…the inability to take action.

This at first drove me completely insane!

After all…with so much information available how could anyone not be able to simply take that very first step in launching their online business?

And then I answered my own question myself. I simply remembered my first month as a budding online entrepreneur.

I was overwhelmed DUE TO the massive amounts of information out there about launching my first affiliate website.

And so my Done For You services were born.

Done For You Launch Jacking & Affiliate Websites

Since the #1 problem to making money online and creating a successful online business is the ability to take action, I decided to launch my Done For You services to eliminate this problem.

I’ve taught everyone so much about making money online as an affiliate, I decided to offer my services to create money-making affiliate websites that get ranked for profitable keywords so you can start earning your first cash online without any hassle.

I would have killed to be able to simply pay someone to create my first group of affiliate websites without having to worry about choosing the right keywords to target, domain name to buy, content to write, and products to promote.

Not to mention all the SEO work to get the site ranked to get traffic.

I would have gladly paid someone else to do that for me so that I could simply collect the commission checks!

My Done For You services do exactly that.

Done For You Launch Jacking

If you’ve been on my blog for any period of time you know I am a huge fan of Product Launch Jacking for quick profits.

I am a huge fan of launch jacking as it is so powerful and effective at getting you your first money online.

I even created a popular launch jacking checklist, and have provided updated information in posts like this one.

Because it is such a powerful strategy, I offer Done For You Launch Jacking services where I will actually launch jack a product release for you!

You simply choose your launch and I take care of everything!

Although I think anyone can do launch jacking and earn commissions, I know that some folks don’t have the time to set everything up or all the complete knowledge to be successful.

Done For You Services For No Excuse Success

Bottom line…I wanted to simply eliminate any excuses for getting started with affiliate marketing.

I will continue to offer affiliate marketing training (along with updated Free Affiliate Kickstart Training) so anyone can start a successful affiliate business.

But I know the difficulty of taking the first step. I was there once too.

Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to earn a living online in my personal opinion, but I know like anything else there will always be obstacles.

My goal is to make affiliate marketing success within an arms reach for anyone getting started online.

Even if you’re an experienced affiliate marketer who has found success online, you will benefit from having an experienced affiliate marketer build and rank an affiliate website for you.

It boils down to freeing up time to do what you love, and spending time on the things most important to you and your business.

Online Success Is Within Reach

I opened my Done For You Launch Jacking and Affiliate Website services to my email list earlier this year with great success!

So I have to say if you’ve been struggling online, or simply have not had the time to build your own successful affiliate marketing business, take a look at my services and eliminate any excuses to your online success!

Don’t waste any more time struggling to make money online.

2014 is the year of taking action…so take action today and stop making excuses!

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