Launch Jacking: Make Easy Money Off New Product Launches

If you haven’t made your first money online yet, then you might want to consider trying launch jacking.

In this affiliate marketing training checklist series, I will explain what launch jacking is and give you a step-by-step of how you can successfully launch jack.

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Transparency Note: Although Launch Jacking can be a fast way to make money, in no way can anyone build a real business solely on this.

That is why I do this full time that provides for my family and created an easy 6 figure income for myself.

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What Is Launch Jacking?

Launch Jacking is when you take advantage of the buzz and traffic for an upcoming or brand new product launch to earn affiliate commissions off of that product or a similar one you wish to promote.

For example, if someone was going to release a product called Make Money 2000, you might buy the domain and build out a website with your affiliate links.

Then anyone searching for a review of the latest cool product Make Money 2000 will find your site, read your review, and then purchase through your links.

If you are not too familiar with the product, or find out it is crap, you can choose to substitute a product you stand behind to promote instead. In the example above, you would write an honest review of Make Money 2000 indicating you wouldn’t recommend it but instead recommend your product as an alternative.

But here’s why launch jacking works so well. When a new product launches, there isn’t much information about it yet on the internet. So when someone searches for the product, there aren’t many sites the search engines can pull up related to the product.

By creating and optimizing your website for the new product, you are prime to get high rankings right from the start!

An Example Launch Jack

My most recent launch jack was for an Amazon training course called Instant Online Profits. It released sometime mid-March, and I started building my site a couple weeks before the release.

I currently am on the first page for buy instant online profits, instant online profits review, and instant online profits review. I also have a video on page one for instant online profits. I have yet to do any backlinking to this website.

Another example of how a launch jacking website can do really well is my website The site still ranks #1 for the term commission droid, with a video I created not to far down behind it.

The launch ended up not happening, but now I have a website sitting in the number one spot and I can still capitalize off of any traffic. I am currently promoting Green App Machine on the site, which is the name Commission Droid actually released under.

Checklist for successful launch jackingHow To Do It

I am now going to walk you through step-by-step how to do a successful launch jacking.

Step 1: Find a product to promote

To know what products are coming up, you’ll want to visit a site like Launchboards that has a product release calendar.

You’ll be able to see what products will be releasing in the future, learn about them, and then plan which ones you’d like to promote.

Choose products that you would enjoy promoting, or are maybe related to products you have experience promoting. I also try and choose products I can promote long term. You don’t want get behind a product that looks like it is thin with content or value.

I also will try and give myself at least 3 weeks from the product launch date to get started with my launch jack. You will find the timing that works for you with experience.

Step 2: Buy A Domain

Here you want to choose a domain related to the product. Your domain should end in .com, .net, or .org. I recommend getting one of the following domains (in order of preference):

1. Exact Match (i.e.,

2. With Suffix ‘review’ (i.e.,

I would personally stick with these 2 options if you are just getting started with launch jacking as they get many more searches than other domains.

I buy all of my domains through Namecheap.

Step 3: Set-up Your Website

Once you’ve bought your domain, you can set-up your website. Since I use Bluehost for all of my hosting, I transfer hosting to Bluehost and install WordPress through the Bluehost control panel with one click.

I then upload the Socrates theme and configure all of my settings exactly how I explain in my free affiliate marketing training series.

I will usually use one of the header banner’s that come with the Socrates theme, but will sometimes use Fiverr to have one made if I cannot find one I feel relates to the product.

I will try and use any banners or graphics provided in the affiliate section on the official website of the product I am promoting in place of Google Adsense ads as explained in my set-up video.

I will also usually configure an Aweber email sign-up form on all of my websites. I offer some sort of value in the form of a free product or guide to attract subscribers.

I will then use this list to announce the actual current product launch, and announce upcoming product launches I feel my subscribers will find value in.

Step 4: Add Content

I will start the website off with a simple ‘Welcome’ post that summarizes the product with a few words, and how I will be bringing visitors many more updates and information about the product as we get closer to the release date.

From there I will space out posts or pages on the product, the product’s creators, and a general topic relating to the product every few days.

I want to have my last post be the ‘Review’ post, which should provide a good summary of what the product is, pros, cons, and what my opinion is. I will usually do this post the day before the launch, or will have it release the day of the launch depending on when the sales page of the product goes live.

If it is a product I recommend, I will include my affiliate links for the product at least 4 or 5 times throughout the post. If it is a product I do not recommend, I include my affiliate links to another product I think would be a better option.

how to make money as an affiliateStep 5: Backlinking

I will start backlinking pretty much right away.

I use Unique Article Wizard and Submit Your Article for article backlinks using articles I have written through Fiverr.

I will either spin the articles word by word with Spin Rewriter, or again use a Fiverr gig to have this done.

Step 6: Create A Review Video

About a week out from launch I will create a video review of the product and put it on YouTube. This is more of a teaser review as opposed to the full review I will be giving in the post on my site.

I use Video SEO to ensure it ranks well for the product keywords. I have also used Traffic Geyser in the past for video submissions with great success. I just don’t do as many launch jacks to justify its use.

Step 7: Miscellaneous Extras

If I’ve started my launch jack at least 30 days out, I am usually already either #1 or in the Top 5 by this time for the top product keywords. If I am not, I may do some additional work to get more backlinks or increase my reach.

Tools I may use include:

1. Press Releases

2. Web 2.0 Blogs (i.e., Blogger or Squidoo)

3. Slideshare

I will basically look to do something extra to put me in the top positions for the day of or days immediately following the product launch.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Launch Jacking isn’t much different then setting up your own affiliate or niche websites. In fact, many people make a great living just by doing some form of product launch jacking.

I highly recommend you give launch jacking a try if you have yet to make any money online, or if you are looking to add additional sales to your monthly income.

Not all your launch jacks will be successful, but you will find yourself making money more consistently then not when you follow the checklist above.

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Good luck, and please drop me a line to share your launch jacking successes!