Increase Your Website Click Through Rate With Action Colors

expert affiliate trainingSo you did all the keyword research for a solid niche, and built a fantastic affiliate marketing website.

You’ve even spent hours putting quality content on the web, and have been rewarded with a steady stream of traffic.

But now you’re having a problem getting your visitors to click your affiliate links. Maybe your problem lies in how you’ve ‘trained’ your visitors to avoid your links! Wait…what?!

Action versus Passive Colors

Marketing gurus (Here is one I love!) have done hours of research on website design strategies. I am going to keep things very simple for you. When you build your website, you need to think in action and passive colors.

Action colors are colors you will use anytime you want certain content to stand out. The easiest example is your affiliate links. Whether you are typing your entire URL, or using anchor text, you want your visitors to get a quick visual queue.

Passive colors are for everything else. Your content, your titles, your subheadings. Many people make the mistake of using too many passive colors on their websites. They may have a color for text, for titles, menu headings, etc.

This is how your website traffic gets confused. Your website starts to look like a rainbow of colors, and your action colors get lost in the mix.

How to Do It

To create a more efficient, ‘click-friendly’ website, you need to fist pick out a single action color for all of your website’s actionable items. This should be the only color you use for clickable content, including your Adsense links. It is less important what color you choose, then to limiting yourself to one action color.

Next, limit your passive color to black only. There is a reason newspapers have used it for years for their readers! It’s natural, and keeps the eyes moving from one word to the next without extra strain or hassle.

Avoid using different colors for titles, headings, and menu items. This will allow your clickable content to stand out even more.

Take a look at your affiliate marketing websites, and see if you are using an effective color strategy. You may see your clicks (and sales!) increase by making a few simple color adjustments. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

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