How We Increased Traffic & Sales 369% On Our eCom Store Overnight

Yep it’s true. It happened to us too.

6 months ago we opened our first Shopify store and we had hopes of $1,000 days and an early retirement.

Needless to say that didn’t happen!

Don’t get me wrong…we weren’t doing too bad to start.

Within the first week we were able to get up to $400 days. Not too shabby by any means.

Low Shopify Sales

However, during this same time we were seeing the screenshots of…

…$1,000 days, $2,500 days…heck even $5,000 days.

We knew if EVERYONE else was doing it then WE could too!

Without wasting anymore time, we started picking the brain of the ‘eCom superstars’ that were killing it with their Shopify stores.

What were they doing that we weren’t?

After lots of digging it came down to a couple things.

Facebook Ad Design

We were pumping out products daily, but none were really picking up any ‘traction’ in terms of traffic and sales.

We had plenty of experience running Facebook traffic, and we were getting sales on our products…

We just weren’t putting up the numbers others were.

One of the things we noticed is our ads didn’t really look like everyone else’s ads.

So we experimented a little and that led us to discover the 1 ad design we now use over 95% of the time when launching products.

I put together a post here all about it so check that out when you can.

How We Scaled Facebook Ads

The ad design made a little impact in our traffic and sales because now more people were clicking on our ads.

However, the biggest impact came when we learned how to properly scale our eCom ads.

One of the big mistakes we were making is not being more aggressive with our scaling.

What we were doing…

Our ad set might start with 1 ad running to an audience of 3 different interests and 1 age range.

For example:

(Made up for example purposes. I wouldn’t run an ad set like this…haha)

Interests: necklaces, jewelry, shopping
Ages: 21-44

If conversions were looking good, we would break this down into individual ad sets targeting each interest individually with a more segmented age range.

For example:

Ad Set 1:
Interest: necklaces
Age: 21-31

This may be a little confusing to you if you’ve never run Facebook Ads, but just know we weren’t scaling properly.

What we realized we should be doing is getting REALLY aggressive with our scaling!

Here is what we did…

  1. Break down each interest into their own ad set (we were already doing this)
  2. Break down each age range into 5 year intervals
  3. Add other related interests we weren’t already targeting (use Power Editor suggestions)
  4. Launch ads with a $3 budget

This strategy ended up taking us to an average of 14 ads in our scaling phase to around 70-100. This is what happened the first day…

More Shopify Sales

As you can see the change was DRAMATIC!

And not only that, it was consistent.

Now, scaling Facebook ads is a whole lesson all in itself and I’ll put something together for it at some point.

The main takeaways for this post are you need to take a look at how you are presenting your products…

…and make sure when you have a winner you share it with the world through aggressive scaling.

My partners and I have made a lot of money from eCom after applying these principles…

…along with a simple formula for launching and growing successful stores.

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