How I Used Affiliate Marketing Training To Explode My Income

Increased ProfitsDo you wish you could double, triple, or simply EXPLODE your affiliate marketing income?

Haha…of course you do. We ALL do!

Today I am going to share exactly what I did to triple my affiliate income.

The great thing is, you will see how to apply the same strategy to your business to get the same results without learning new skills, buying more tools, or even being a marketing expert.

In fact, you’ll be able to use the affiliate marketing skills you ALREADY have to incorporate this strategy into your current business!

Ok…let’s dig in…

Affiliate Marketing Was OK…BUT…

So as you know I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a long time now. I’ve pretty much done all types throughout my ‘career’ from CPA, standard ‘Clickbank-style’ offers, AdSense, and more.

I’ve also have had my hand in most niches, although I settled on targeting just a few (still today).

What I’ve always loved about affiliate marketing was the ability to create a ‘passive’ income with a little work up front.

The thing that always ‘bugged’ me was waiting for big payoffs. Even more so because it always seemed I was investing in the ‘next best thing’ when it came to internet marketing training, software, tools, etc.

All this for payouts like this…

Affiliate Commissions

Now this is just one affiliate website of mine. Obviously it is running Clickbank offers. Not bad for a simple little site rockin’ on autopilot.

But I wanted something more!

A Complete Business Turnaround

A little while ago I was talking with a group of friends about online marketing and what I was doing with it.

A good friend of mine asked me if I could help him with his business website. He had a flooring business and he was nowhere to be found in the search engines.

One of the great things about affiliate marketing that I picked up with great success is learning how to put websites on Page 1 with no issue.

So I did the same for him…

SEO Ranking

He had given me 8 keywords and I ranked all of them Page 1 rather easily.

Where the story takes a turn is when he was blown away at the results and we worked out an agreement that I would get paid for every lead I sent him from online traffic.

It didn’t take long to see the $30 per lead commissions I was making from him was putting my affiliate commissions to shame!

What was really great is I was using the skills I already was using doing affiliate marketing and applied it to a ‘different type’ of website.

So I quickly changed my ENTIRE focus and looked to help other businesses.

And the results were the same…

Affiliate SEO Services Proof

Freelance SEO Ranking Proof #5

Freelancer SEO Proof 6

And it was literally translating into thousands of dollars of monthly income…in fact…

I TRIPLED my affiliate income and created a 5-Figure a month business purely helping other businesses!

Even better…they actually WANTED my help! Here is just an example of the deals I get…


SEO Client Proof 1

I Had Discovered A Formula

Simply put, I had discovered an easy formula for:

  1. Finding businesses who needed and WANTED my help
  2. A ‘rebuttal-proof’ pricing formula allowing me to command nice monthly payouts
  3. A ‘No-Fail’ SEO formula for delivering consistent results no matter the client

The formula was so easy to replicate, my business partner applied it to his business and created his own 5-Figure a month business in less than 90 days…all part time!

Here’s an example of one of James’ monthly payouts from a recent client:

James SEO Proof

The great thing is all we do is use the SAME formula over and over again and continue to get the SAME income-exploding results!

The formula simply works because it eliminates the Top 2 reasons most ‘SEO’ style businesses and services fail…NO clients and NO results.

I was able to completely map out where to find these clients, and how to deliver the results that keep them paying me month after month.

Time To Share The Wealth

Look, I’ve run into A LOT of bumps on my way to success!

I’ve failed too many times to count.

Failed strategies that didn’t work like the ‘sales page said it would’, and spent thousands of dollars on useless software and tools that took my business nowhere.

And what is worse for those wanting to make money just doing affiliate marketing today…if you aren’t able to find a formula or strategy that truly works and maps out everything for you…

…you will fail just as many times and might go broke trying to ‘figure it out’.

Honestly I’m tired of watching the IM industry destroy people’s lives by consistently shoving useless products and training down our throats with little to no care if it helps or not.

That is totally why I recently opened up my simple, replicable formula for success for others use.

All you need to do is follow the simple formula I lay out. No over-thinking, and no expensive tools or products to buy.

Can you imagine actually having REAL success by helping other businesses that are willing to pay you for skills you ALREADY know??!!

I want to introduce you to the Rapid Business Builder program…

This is a complete video module training program that shows you the EXACT steps James and I use every day that built us our 5-Figure a month businesses.

And because James and I have an affiliate marketing background, we built the program like we would have always wanted to learn from!

Here’s whats inside:

  1. 6 Modules with videos that map out our EXACT process step-by-step
  2. Bonus Training videos that share strategies and tips to EXPLODE your business
  3. Monthly Q&A Webinars that teach new strategies and answer all of your questions
  4. Access to our FB Mastermind Group where you’ll interact with others just like yourself to share ideas, strategies, and get questions answered by James and I
  5. Lifetime updates on anything we are teaching. As the industry changes, you are first to know so you can profit quickly!

Even better? NO UPSELLS or OTOs!!

Yes…it is an affiliate marketer’s dream!

A complete step-by-step blueprint to follow, ‘over-the-shoulder’ training, lifetime updates, all questions answered, no extra crap to buy…

There is even a 100% ‘no questions asked’ Refund Guarantee.

We made it truly a No Risk, Win-Win situation for you…because that is how we would have liked it.

If you want to learn more about the Rapid Business Builder program, and see if there are any spots available…

Check Out The Rapid Business Builder Program Here

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