Expert Affiliate Training Gets A Makeover!

Genesis Framework for WordPress

Well I’m finally done. After a month of hard work, Expert Affiliate Training has made the conversion to the Genesis Framework by StudioPress!

It was long overdue. Expert Affiliate Training got its start on Weebly, and quickly outgrew the functionality and capability of the free website building platform.

After much searching, testing, and talking, I chose Genesis as the framework of choice to handle the continued growth and popularity of Expert Affiliate Training.

With more seamless integration, I will be able to quickly adapt to the needs of you the user, and ensure everyone has a great user experience while exploring the latest affiliate marketing tips and tricks!

With the new makeover, I wanted to let you in on some of the cool things in store for Expert Affiliate Training in the coming year!

More How-To Video Tutorials

If you are like me, you learn easily by seeing someone else do something step-by-step. I have slacked on this in the past, but have got my rear in gear and started making more video tutorials.

I will be building a ‘How-To’ page soon where you will be able to watch video tutorials on many of the common procedures, methods, strategies, tools, and resources successful affiliate marketers use every day.

In fact, I have already included over 10 video tutorials in my revamped and updated FREE Expert Affiliate Kickstart Training course: 7 Steps to Affiliate Success! You can start today by clicking through here.

More Product Reviews

Over the past year I have gotten tons of questions about various internet marketing products as to whether they work and are worth the money.

I will be doing my best to stay on top of some of the more relevant affiliate marketing tools that release throughout the year so I can provide honest and accurate reviews for you to decide if a product or course is worth checking out.

More Free Affiliate Training

I have always prided myself on providing relevant, useful affiliate marketing tips for free here on Expert Affiliate Training.

I know how it is when you are just starting out and don’t know where to start! The internet is flooded with information that is outdated, overwhelming, and well…just plain outrageous!

I created Expert Affiliate Training to be that beacon to new and aspiring affiliates (just like I once was!) to come to and get exactly what they need to start and grown their own successful affiliate marketing business.

My goal is to continue to provide exactly what you need to get to work building your online empire. Ignore the fluff and just stick with what you need to know.

Expert Affiliate Kickstart Training: 7 Steps to Affiliate Success

My FREE affiliate marketing training has been completely updated to give you exactly what you need to build a successful affiliate marketing website.

These are the methods that are working RIGHT NOW to bring in consistent monthly affiliate income.

Like I mentioned above, I added over 10 video tutorials to the training series that show you EXACTLY how to start, build, and market your affiliate website.

I also show you how to use several of the popular internet marketing tools being used today, including settings you should use so you don’t have to waste any time getting started.

It’s All About You

As I have said before, Expert Affiliate Training is all about you! Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions and I will be happy to help.

Becoming a successful affiliate isn’t about jumping on the latest fads, it’s about starting and staying on course. Ignore all the distractions, and keep doing what you do.

The successful affiliate marketers are the ones that are still doing it after their first 30 days!



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