Expert Affiliate Kickstart Training Step 7: The Traffic Funnel Phase 2

Congratulations! You made it…

In just 6 short steps you’ve learned how to research and find niches to build profitable affiliate marketing websites around. We seen how to build an affiliate website, covered ways to monetize your website, and then learned how to start getting visitors in front of your affiliate links to get clicks that will ultimately lead to sales!

This last lesson will put the final touches on getting our website ranked higher in the search engines so we can bring in more traffic. But before we get into this lest step, I want you to do one thing for me. Be PATIENT!

As much as I’d like to say you will see loads of money rolling in over the next few weeks, I just can’t. It won’t happen! And anyone who tells you so, is blowing smoke up your rear.

Just keep focused on your end goal, and don’t give up. Keep building as many niche websites as you can. Some will be winners, and some will not.

But if you keep at it, continue learning from your mistakes, before you know it you will have several GREAT websites generating consistent cash flow.

Now let’s cover the last step in our training.

During Phase One of the Traffic Funnel, we’ve used some specific websites to build a reputable layer of backlinks pointing back to our affiliate website.

Now we pick up with Phase Two, which will leverage a backlinking strategy to drive targeted ‘SEO-juice’ to our Money Site.

Phase Two Strategy

We’ve always heard the way to get high in the Google rankings was to create massive amounts of exact match backlinks to our website, and continue doing this until we were #1.

Well Google caught on to this, and in an effort to clean up a lot of the ‘garbage’ websites out there, they’ve made several algorithm changes that make this strategy much harder.

So we will use a strategy to circumvent any penalties from Google, and keep our website climbing in the search rankings to the top.

Our strategy incorporates powerful, but controlled, tiered-linking that will withstand any algorithm changes in the search engines.

Now let’s look at the last step of The Traffic Funnel:

How to Get Unique Content For Your Tier 1 & Tier 2 Sites

So we know we need to get some content for our Phase Two and Phase 3 websites right? That can get to be a pretty big drain on your time.

Well there is a tool you can use to help you generate many unique articles from one original. It is called Spin Rewriter 3.0.

Spin Rewriter allows you to paste in an article to which you can go through sentence by sentence and select synonym words and phrases to replace from the original content.

Then with a click of a button, Spin Rewriter generates a new article using the different combinations of synonym words and phrases you selected.

This allows you to write one original article (or get one from iWriter), then ‘spin’ it into as many new unique articles you need for your remaining Phase One website submissions.

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to use Spin Rewriter 3.0:

Your Assignment

Your assignment is to complete Phase Two of the Traffic Funnel.

The main thing is that you simply TAKE ACTION! If you haven’t started performing the steps, start today. Start right now and begin creating the lifestyle you want.

One of the main reasons more people aren’t successful at making money online is because they just don’t start.

Another reason more people aren’t successful is because they give up to quickly. This takes time!

I want you to be successful!

At anytime if you have any questions, please Contact Me and I will be happy to help you during your journey.

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Either way, stay tuned to Expert Affiliate Training as I have many more tips and tricks to share with you!

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