Expert Affiliate Kickstart Training Step 5: The Expert Affiliate Website

In Step 4, we chose our Profit Strategy. This is the monetization of our affiliate business. Your assignment was to choose a few revenue sources to use to bring in money.

And now that we’ve chosen our Profit Strategy, we need to have a place our customers can go to purchase our affiliate products and click on our affiliate links!

My Affiliate Website Theme [At The Moment]

My favorite WordPress theme for building affiliate marketing websites by far is the Acme theme.

It has built in affiliate customization, it’s already optimized for search engine rankings, and it has a nice clean look.

Although I am a fan of Acme…I started off by using Socrates. Socrates was designed purely for affiliate marketers.

The makers of Socrates sold it and then went on to create the Acme theme. They made Acme a better version of the Socrates theme.

Either is fine…but the Acme theme is much cheaper coming in at less than $20.

Below I have put together a couple videos to take you through installing WordPress on your domain through bluehost, loading the Acme theme, and customizing it.

I also explain how I customize widgets, plugins, pages, and add content.

Video 1: Affiliate Website Set Up Part 1

Video 2: Installing Acme and Initial Customization

Here is one more quick video showing you how I use the Pretty Links plugin to make my affiliate links look much cleaner.

Your Assignment

Now that you’ve seen how to build your own affiliate website, your assignment is to get to work on it!

You don’t have to use the Acme theme to build your website, you can most certainly use any theme you want.

Just get your website up and running, and you can use the same customization methods I show you in the videos.

If you are interested in trying out Socrates, they do offer a 7-day Free Trial (no payment information required) for you to see if it’s something you like or not. I recommend you at least check it out for yourself.

In Step 6, we will begin setting up an effective traffic funnel to get visitors to our website and clicking our affiliate links. Until then…


P.S. – If at anytime you feel like you need more detailed video instruction, I recommend you check out Bring The Fresh.

P.P.S. – If you would rather I build and launch your first affiliate website for you, take a look at my Done-For-You affiliate website services.

Check out my Resources page for more valuable tools to help you build a successful affiliate business!


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