Expert Affiliate Kickstart Training Step 4: The Profit Strategy

In Step 3 we came up with content that will answer your customers questions and help better the user experience on your website. Today we get to have fun and choose how we want to make money!

As an affiliate, we have TONS of products at our fingertips to use to put money in our pockets. In fact, pretty much every product or service can have an affiliate program we can use to make money for promoting!

Some companies advertise affiliate programs directly on their website, and then there are others that require you to inquire about them personally. There are even plenty of examples of affiliates who helped companies start an affiliate program simply from asking if the company had one!

I will cover a few affiliate programs I use that work or have worked for me, but understand there is so much more out there.

Google AdSense

Not to be confused with Google Adwords where many a young affiliate pays money to push traffic to a product page or affiliate website, Google AdSense pays us every time a visitor to our website clicks on a Google advertisement.

It is free to sign up. You simply sign up for an AdSense account, select the type of ads you want to display, then put the code on your website and you’re done.

Now I know what some of you might be saying, “Brad, this isn’t an affiliate product?” Well you’re right. It isn’t a product per se, but to me it is much better than a single affiliate product.

Instead of one fixed product to promote, Google continuously rotates 1 to 5 links based on your website content and the preferences of the visitors. Basically, Google does all the marketing work for us. It is just up to us to get the traffic, which we will cover later in our training.

The payout is typically a few cents to a few dollars per click depending on the keywords for the ads. I have affiliate websites that pay out anywhere from $25 to a few hundred a month in AdSense revenue. Not too shabby.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate Program is a popular choice for affiliates simply because they have nearly everything you could ever want to purchase available on their website. You simply Sign Up for free, find the products you want to promote, and place your generated affiliate links on your website or in your email.

You can link to specific searches, pages, products, or simply to Amazon’s homepage. You get paid for everything purchased while the visitor is on the website. So if you link them to a DVD player, and they also buy a couple movies, you will get paid a commission off of the DVD player and the movies even though you didn’t link directly to the movies. Pretty sweet!

The commission rate is typically pretty low, typically 4% to 8%, but this can add up very nice if you regularly promote big ticket items or the product you promote has several additional upsells associated with it like our DVD player example.


Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate marketplaces on the internet. Here you can browse hundreds of products in over 100 categories that pay affiliates commissions anywhere from 20% to 75%. Again, this is another program you can join for free and begin immediately promoting.

Clickbank has an easy to use account tracking system where you can see how many clicks you’ve gotten on your affiliate links, including specific affiliate links if you promote the same product in multiple places (website, email, articles, etc).

It is important to review the products you decide to promote from Clickbank. You will find there are good and poor quality products on Clickbank, so only choose products you would put your reputation on.

The great thing is, all Clickbank products are required to carry at least a 60-day money back guarantee. This provides a layer of protection against poor quality products.

Stand Alone Products

Here is where I categorize the miscellaneous affiliate programs out there we can use to promote and profit from.

For example, I have a fitness website that promotes a nutrition company through an affiliate link. Every time a visitor clicks on my link and goes to the nutrition company’s website, I get paid a commission of 20% on the total price of their order.

The best way to find the stand alone affiliate products is to start with products or services you already use. That is exactly how I found the affiliate program with the nutrition company. I am already a customer and order all my nutritional supplies through them, so I looked there first when I was ready to add a nutrition affiliate link to my website.

Start with what you know, then go to their competition, and so on. You will find many great products and companies with affiliate programs you can use for your own affiliate websites.

Your Assignment

Your assignment before the next step is to find your Profit Strategy.

Find a couple revenue sources (products, services, etc) related to your keyword phrase we can add to your affiliate website to make you money. These can be from any affiliate program or product you find.

Remember, just because someone doesn’t advertise an affiliate program doesn’t mean they don’t have one. Just ask!

In Step 5, we will create an affiliate website you can profit from for years to come. Until then…


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