Expert Affiliate Kickstart Training Step 3: Profitable Content

In Step 2 we chose our keyword phrase and domain we will use to promote affiliate products and build a profitable affiliate marketing website. Today I will show you how to come up with content for your website and easily outsource all the writing.

Create Content For Your Affiliate Marketing Website

Now that we’ve selected our keyword or niche, we need to also make sure our website is full of great content that keeps our visitors engaged and makes them want to click on our affiliate links!

Here is a short video on how to come up with great content for your website using a tool you’re already familiar with:

Now that we know what content we want for our website, we need to start creating it.

I recommend that you shoot for articles between 500 – 800 words. This is enough content to ensure your website isn’t too ‘thin’ and gives Google plenty of info to spider and crawl to get us some decent search engine rankings.

Because I abide by the motto “Work Smarter, Not Harder”, here is a video on how I create 99% of my website content!

You can sign up for an iWriter account and order content through this link.

Your Assignment

Your assignment before the next step is to plan and get your Profitable Content.

Get into the Google Keyword Planner or Google itself and build an article for your Money Keyword based on the keyword itself and 3 to 4 relevant topics using the methods discussed in the video. Create at least one 500 – 800 word article.

In Step 4, we will choose the monetization strategy we will use to earn money and profit from on our affiliate website.

Until then…


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