Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: The 5 Considerations

ClickbankWhen it comes to building a quality affiliate marketing website, you want to have quality affiliate products to promote.

One of the most popular affiliate marketplaces is Clickbank. Clickbank has hundreds of affiliate programs and products available that pay affiliates a commission in over a hundred categories.

Let’s take a look at the 5 things we should consider before choosing a Clickbank product to promote.

1. The Category (Your Niche)

Clickbank has 23 categories, each with their own subcategories full of products. To start off on the right foot, your affiliate business should start with a theme or niche. This should go without saying, but you will have a higher chance of success by selecting products to promote based on your niche! There are usually several products available in each subcategory for you to choose from.

2. Gravity

Gravity is a calculation based on the amount of affiliates who have made a commission in the last 12 weeks promoting a particular product. The higher the number, the more affiliates making money by promoting the product. This is a good thing. It means the product converts visitors into sales more often than not. However, this also means you may face more competition while promoting the product.

Once you’ve selected your category, you can sort the available products by Gravity. I typically have the best luck with products with a 75+ Gravity rating.

3. Avg $/Sale

This number answers the question “How much do I get paid?!” The average dollar amount per sale takes into consideration initial sale of the product, refunds, and rebilling dollars for products with reoccurring sales options. Combined with Gravity, we can find products that sell well and pay well.

4. Affiliate Support

Product creators look to affiliates to help grow their business and sell their products. They also know the ins and outs of their product better than any affiliate, and will be the most successful if they teach their affiliates the best ways to market their product. This also sets us affiliates up for success. Look for products that have an affiliate website with tools, tips, and resources to help better promote the product.

5. Would You Use It?

Finally, and maybe most important, would you purchase the product? Does it add value? If you wouldn’t spend money on the product, don’t promote it. You will be much more successful if you market products you’ve used or would use. Your visitors can tell. Your affiliate website will reflect it.

Take this into consideration when you are looking at the products, and visiting the product website. Only market products you yourself would use!

Using these 5 factors when choosing Clickbank products to market should allow you to better choose the products that will help your affiliate marketing business to become successful!

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