Bring The Fresh Review

Bring The Fresh is the very first affiliate marketing training course I ever purchased that actually worked. If you’ve been around my blog at all, you know I always have great things to say about the program. Due to the amount of questions I get asked about the program, and my gratitude for it helping me earn my first serious money online, here is my Bring The Fresh Review.


Before I do, I “to an oath” that I would be 100% transparent with my readers. Over the last few years, I taught myself how to do something called Local Lead Generation for local businesses. Few years back, nobody was doing it, but it has been my sole source of full time income for me.

Since affiliate marketing, MLMs are all fine and dandy, they do have their dirt. Since I need to provide for my family and since those 2 shiny objects above are to competitive, the average Joe like myself couldn’t get ahead.

That is why I turned to Local Lead Generation. Helping small businesses in my areas generate more leads by helping them with their online marketing.

Remember, I taught myself, but fast forward to 2016 and there is finally 2 guys who took the online industry by storm, and revealed everything I wish I could find in 1 place 2 years ago.

They created a coaching program that teaches, even somebody who has no online experience, how to build a 6 figure online business.

The crazy part is there is now 2,800 members and 60 applications a day of people wanting to get in and learn this stuff.

It’s fast, ethical and has little to no competition.

If you are looking for a breakthrough, in my opinion, you’ll find it in their coaching.

I wish I had this coaching years ago.

Watch my buddy, Brad, explain why you should put down everything you are doing and rethink how you want to build your online business.


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You can skip ahead and watch the video below to get a glimpse inside the member’s area.


Bring The Fresh 2015 is an affiliate training program that shows you step-by-step how to research, build, monetize, and market high-converting affiliate websites.

The techniques and strategies inside BTF are also being used to set up successful SEO businesses working with client’s on Local SEO projects.

Started by amazingly successful internet marketers Kelly Felix and Mike Long, BTF was created as an alternative to all the over-hyped, push-button make money online courses and products saturating the internet today.

BTF is marketed as an easy to follow course designed for the individuals who want to finally see results from their marketing efforts. No hype, no BS, just solid and proven strategies that get results.

What You Get Inside

You’ll get access to an entire video series that covers everything you need to have your affiliate website up and running in less than an hour. You will be shown EXACTLY what to do and how to do it.

Also included is hours of videos on tools, resources, and success stories so you can copy their exact methods to take your sales to the next level.

A big feature of BTF is the Bring The Fresh forum, which is one of the most active affiliate marketing and SEO forums I’ve seen. There is even a full forum thread dedicated to Launch Jacking if you want to make quick money on product launches.

You can spend days going through the archives, and quickly get your questions answered by the many active forum members who are generous with their time and information. The access to the BTF forum alone is well worth the price of BTF.

Below it a video review of what’s inside the BTF member’s area:

Who Is BTF For?

Bring the Fresh is for anyone who is just getting started with affiliate marketing, or who have been doing it for a while and have not seen results.

The great is there are many very successful people using BTF, and they are still there providing valuable input in the forum and constantly learning new things from the program.

One of the biggest BTF success stories is Greg Morrison who made over $1 million in BTF and went on to start the super-successful OMG Machines highlighting the exact methods he used with BTF to generate his profits.

review of bring the freshWhy I Recommend BTF

I simply love the way BTF breaks down every step in the process, making it super easy for even the most technically-challenged (like me) to be successful.

I couldn’t figure out how to build a WordPress site for the life of me until I got the course and followed along with the video.

Now I typically set-up an affiliate website in less than 15 minutes.

BTF eliminates the hesitation and frustration in building great-looking websites on WordPress.

How Much Does It Cost?

BTF is affordable for anyone. You make a small one-time investment.and you’re done. There are no reoccurring costs or charges.

This is an extremely great deal for all of the solid information you get in this course, and one of the cheapest affiliate training programs available today.

If you are hesitant to purchase the course based on the price alone (which is ridiculously cheap), I encourage you to read this post about investing in your affiliate marketing education.


Bring The Fresh 2015 is a must-have for any affiliate marketer. I guarantee you will not find a better value in affiliate marketing training today.

I cannot promise Bring The Fresh is right for you, but I can guarantee you have nothing to lose by clicking through here and checking it out for yourself.

I hope you found this Bring The Fresh review helpful, and will gladly answer any questions you have about the program.