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video vantage softwareWell unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the new Video Vantage software that recently released to the public.

And no this isn’t gonna be some detailed Video Vantage review of all the cool features it has (you can get that by visiting the Official Video Vantage website).

I’m actually gonna show you how to use it effectively.

While everyone has been falling all over themselves about how awesome this software really is…I’ve been exploring ways to start making money with it right away.

And no doubt the easiest way to use Video Vantage is in a Launch Jacking strategy no doubt.

Here is a build off of my latest post about my Updated Launch Jacking Strategy that you can use to put Video Vantage into action right away and start profiting.

The Video Vantage Launch Jacking Strategy

The best thing about Video Vantage is the amount of time and money it saves you ranking videos.

The software has a backlink feature built in where it can automatically (based on a keyword you enter) go out and find relevant, high PR links to send back to your video.

This is perfect and cost effective if you use Fiverr gigs to rank your videos like a lot of people do.

And the time you save doing your video SEO, the more time you can spend on other money-getting tasks.

Alright so here is the launch jack strategy broken down:

Step 1: Find the product you want to promote. One of my current favorites is I just find it is an easier format to find launches to participate in. Since we’re going to use Video Vantage, pick a launch that is at least 2 weeks out.

Step 2: Create your video. Don’t make this complicated. Either put together a 3 slide PowerPoint presentation and record your screen while you talk about each slide, or record a video of you messing around with the product itself. You don’t have to be fancy here. Give the audience an overview and understanding of what the product is all about.

Step 3: Create a squeeze page. Send traffic to the squeeze page so you can capture the lead for future launches. Instead of a thank you page, just insert your affiliate link into the redirect so once they opt-in they are taken right away to the product sales page.

Step 4: Use Video Vantage to upload and rank your video. This is the easy part. Now you simply use the Video Vantage software to upload your video to YouTube complete with Title, Description, and Tags (remember to put the link to your squeeze page first in your video description). Next you will walk through the backlinking set up and then you’re done.

If you’ve optimized your video correctly (here is a Video optimization checklist), you will be sitting pretty come launch day.

Video Vantage pretty much does all of the heavy lifting for us. The launch jacking process becomes very streamlined using the software. You don’t even need to build a website!

Imagine how many product launches you can participate in per week if you wanted? Imagine how easy it will be to build backlinks and rank your videos?

I definitely encourage you to check out Video Vantage to see if it fits into your affiliate marketing strategy. [As I write this post it is on a 62% discount]

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of Launch Jacking, but would rather me do all the work…check out my Done-For-You services.

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