5 Reasons Why I Love Affiliate Marketing

reasons why I love affiliate marketingTechnically, this blog post could be called “100 Reasons Why I Love Affiliate Marketing”. But for time’s sake, lets just keep it simple!

I did not always love being an affiliate marketer. My first attempt at an affiliate website was time consuming, costly, and just plain sucked!

But when it all finally clicked (after some quality affiliate marketing training of course!), I was happy that I stuck with it through the thick and the thin.

Here are just 5 of the reasons why I think being an affiliate is a great way to help people and earn an income at the same time.

A Product for Every Passion

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs and products out there to promote in any category you can think of!

This is so cool because no matter what your passions are at the moment, you can find affiliate products out there useful to your target audience. The possibilities are endless!

No Product Creation

This is one of the greatest things about being an affiliate marketer. You never have to create your own product to sell. I’m not saying it isn’t good to create your own products, I’m just saying you don’t have to if you don’t want.

Creating a product to sell comes with material costs, or in the case of digital products, comes with a cost of time. I can literally have an idea, find an affiliate product related to my idea, and begin promoting it that same day!

No Product Handling

As an affiliate, I never have to deal with any of the product handling or logistics. I simply promote the product. The company running the affiliate program handles all orders, shipping, returns, and in most cases the customer service.

This is invaluable to me. I can be working on my next affiliate marketing website while the product company takes care of my customers. Time is money!

No Competing Products

If I were to create my own product to sell on my website, I wouldn’t want to also promote a similar product my competition makes. It wouldn’t make smart business sense.

But as an affiliate, I don’t care which products sell because they all pay me a commission! This is really great for my audience, because I can provide them more options so they can find the right product to meet their needs and their budget.

No Website Needed

Wait…WHAT?! That’s right. As an affiliate, I technically don’t need a website to promote affiliate products. I can simply generate my affiliate links, and then use article or email marketing to put the audience in direct contact with the product page.

This strategy works great when you just have one affiliate product you are promoting, and don’t want to create an affiliate marketing website for just that one product. How’s that for working smarter and not harder?!

These are just 5 of the reasons I love affiliate marketing. The big takeaway, however, is being an affiliate allows you to get an income-generating business up and running much quicker than you could have ever imagined!

If you are wanting to know step-by-step how to get an affiliate marketing website up and running, definitely get my Free affiliate marketing training series Expert Affiliate Kickstart Training: 7 Steps to Affiliate Success today!

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