2 Surefire Ways To Make Money Online As An Affiliate

how to make money online as an affiliateIn recent weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my time as an affiliate marketer. I remember how much time I spent online searching for all the information I could get my hands on about being a successful internet entrepreneur.

Now that I’ve been having some good success online, I also started thinking about how nice it would have been if I had known right from the start what tactics and programs actually worked. I could have saved tons of time AND money!

Thinking about this inspired me to write this post in the hopes I can save at least one person a lot of time and money as they get going in their internet marketing career.

Below are two ways you can make money online as an affiliate right now.

One is a strategy that is popular among experienced affiliate marketers to make quick money off of other people’s work, and the other is an affiliate program that is cheap and works like a champ.

Surefire Way #1 To Make Money Online

For a mere $7, you can get access to a program that shows you EXACTLY how to make money online as an affiliate by ranking affiliate websites at the top of the search engines.

Bring The Fresh is an affiliate marketing course that helped me start making my first real money on the internet. The program is loaded with a video tutorial series that no-kidding shows you what to do. It also comes with a PDF fast start guide the writes it all out for you.

All you have to do is follow along and you will be able to select a profitable keyword, build a great looking WordPress site, and rank it at the top of the search engines.

This isn’t old school, outdated material either. It was revamped in 2013 with what is working right now…today. The guides and videos are updated regularly to reflect what is going on in the internet marketing world.

I just added my detailed Bring The Fresh Review with a video showing you around the member’s area.

As I mentioned, Bring The Fresh will cost you only $7 for a full 7-day trial, and then a one-time payment if you decide you like what you see. Content included in Bring The Fresh could easily be sold for $1,000 because it works so well.

I used the a lot of what I learned in Bring The Fresh to create my free affiliate marketing training course.

Take action and at least check it out. You have nothing to lose by at least taking a look at my review.

One of the things you will learn in the program is this strategy below.

Surefire Way #2 To Make Money Online

How would you like to simply create a video or basic website for a product and have someone else do all the marketing and traffic building for you while you simply collect affiliate commissions?

Sounds too good to be true right? Well it is in fact a strategy affiliate marketers do all the time called Launch Jacking.

I won’t go into great detail because I recently created a Launch Jacking checklist for you to follow.

Basically, Launch Jacking is making money off of the buzz of new product launches. It works so well because keywords based on a new product are very easy to rank for.

You can create a video or website using specific keywords and be in a favorable position in the search engines when the product releases. The product owner (and other affiliates) are marketing the product, so people start researching the product.

Your video or website is primed to be the resource the customer finds, and then they click your affiliate link and you get the commission.

Now there is a little work involved, but really not much. This is really an easy strategy to use to earn some quick cash.

This is also one of the strategies you learn in Bring The Fresh and how I learned to do it. There is an entire thread in the forum dedicated to Launch Jacking discussing what is working and what is not.

Again, you can take a look at what I wrote on Launch Jacking and get the entire outline on how to do it.

Take Action

These two things alone can bring you great success online. Affiliate marketing gets very convoluted and you can easily get information overload when learning how to do it successfully.

Everybody has their way, and you can never tell what to listen to and what not. I understand. I’ve been there.

All I ask is that you don’t get paralyzed by all the information available. Keep it simple.

Take a look at both of these ways to be successful, try them out, see if they are right for you. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’m all about making affiliate marketing simple.

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